I am a London-based illustrator producing fashion, editorial and portrait artwork.

I started my career in the fashion industry designing, developing and managing product after graduating with a BA in fashion design back in 1998. My work has taken me to the States, China & Europe and if anything, fed my hunger for travel.

However, I found that I was drawing less & less and looking at spreadsheets more and more. So now I freelance. Still designing and developing collections for clients but more importantly, most of my work now is as an illustrator.

I enjoy the fact that there are many strings to my bow, it keeps things interesting.

My first flirtation with a career in illustration came at the age of six when I rather enterprisingly took commissions from family friends, drawing portraits from photos.

Winning a competition for Ealing Council for designing a road safety poster should really have cemented my career, but apparently schooling was deemed more important and so my vocation would take a backseat during which I digressed slightly, seduced by the sequins and silk of Fashion Design.

I’ve worked for Umbro, Duffs and my clients include Alexander McQueen/Puma collaboration, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, AMVBBDO & Orbitz Worldwide.
My Art covers fashion, portrait, and editorial using a combination of digital and traditional media.

If I haven’t got a pencil in my hand , more than likely I’ll have a spade, kitchen knife or pair of headphones. I love growing and cooking food, making and playing music. I publish podcasts and organise the occasional boat party but that, is another story…